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Other Services

• Physical Therapy
• Nutrition
• Nurse Visits
• Occupational Therapy
• Medical Social Work
• Speech Therapy
• Respiratory Therapy

Continuing to live at home or recovering from an illness can mean special medical attention is needed.  We are committed to assisting you or your loved one to be healthy and safe at home.  Together with your physician this might mean needing one or more of the following services:

Nursing - Nurses visit the home to help manage medications, blood pressure, wound care, etc.

Physical Therapy – Physical Therapists visit the home and prepare exercise programs which are approved by your physician and designed to strengthen the body in order to walk about the home safely, climb stairs if appropriate, safely get in and out of your bed and chair, and gradually build balance and endurance.

Occupational Therapy – Occupational Therapists visit the home and prepare programs to assist with daily activities such as dressing, bathing, cooking, gardening, etc.

Speech Therapy – Therapists visit the home and engage in exercises to promote improved verbal communication and swallowing situations if appropriate.

Medical Social Work - Social Worker visits the home to assist with problem situations and/or program applications.

Nutritional Counseling – Dieticians visit the home to prepare menus and provide nutrition counseling needed due to a medical event.

Respiratory Therapy – A medical equipment company will visit the home to assist with oxygen, CPAPs, BPAPs.

With a licensed agency the therapy services may qualify for Medicare coverage. If not, our therapists, social worker and dietitian are available on a private pay basis after receiving orders from your physician.