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At Mid-Hudson Managed Home Care, Inc., we, Edward and Jeannine Sylcox, have spent more than half our lives in geriatric service. Many times, we have heard that people don’t know where to go to get information or assistance. We want to change that by offering the best information and services to all our patients.

It is interesting how views change as years pass. Think of the word “senior.” Early stereotypes might suggest a vision of someone old and unable to do things. Yet, in reality, we receive our AARP card at age 50. We may think of AARP as a group to represent seniors, but 50 isn’t old! Maybe we should take another view of this “senior” topic. As employers, many of us talk about work ethics of the old days, dependability, values, respecting people and property. This is second nature to our vision of most seniors and needed by many employers.

For those of you with a desire and ability to help others, have you considered working in home care? Some seniors need assistance with such tasks as laundry, housekeeping, and shopping. Visit once or twice a week, a couple of hours, and receive a little grocery or gas money. Remember, you may be a senior in need yourself some day and you can’t beat the feeling of making a positive difference in someone else’s life! After all, there’s no place like home!

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If you are interested in employment opportunities with our company, please complete the attached application or call the office at 845-567-3022 and ask for Human Resources.

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